Planning Comission Meeting

Village of Waynesville’s Planning Commission will be holding a meeting on Thursday, December 14th, 2017 @ 7:00 pm The meeting will be at the Waynesville Government Center (1400 Lytle Road) in the Conference Room. The public is welcome to attend. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss the plans for the new Wayne

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Personnel Committe Meeting

Village of Waynesville’s Personnel Committee will be holding a meeting on   Monday, December 18th, 2017 @ 5:30 pm   The meeting will be at the WaynesvilleGovernmentCenter (1400 Lytle Road) in the Conference Room   The committee may go into executive session for the purpose of discussing the employment of a public employee.  

Public Hearing of Council

PUBLIC HEARING OF COUNCIL Council will have a Public Hearing on December 18th, 2017 at 6:30PM at 1400 Lytle Road. The meeting will be to discuss the Planning Commission’s recommendation to amend the zoning code to state: Pursuant to the authority set forth in section 3796.29 of the Ohio Revised Code, medical marijuana cultivation, processing, and

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Leaf Pick up begins Monday, October 23

Leaf Pickup will begin on Monday, October 23. Please rake leaves a foot from the curb and our staff will be by to get them on the assigned days. Do not rake leaves into the street as they clog the storm drains and cause flooding. Please see the map below for the days your street is scheduled.

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Wayne Township Natural Gas Aggregation Program

Several Village residents have received letters from Volunteer Energy Services concerning Wayne Township Natural Gas Aggregate Program.  You should be receiving the letter below as it was sent to you in error.   Dear Village of Waynesville Resident, Recently, you received a letter concerning the Wayne Township Natural Gas Aggregation Program. This was sent to

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The Ole Lock Up for Rent

Commercial Office Space and/ or Storage Building For Rent The Ole Village Lock Up and Fire House Facility 260 Chapman St. Waynesville, Ohio 45068   Owned by the Village of Waynesville Monthly rental fee- $ 325 Tenant must maintain property fire and liability insurance Facility not to be used as residence housing   Facility includes:

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Grass Clippings and Leaves

The Village staff has received several complaints regarding homeowners mowing their grass clippings into the street. The grass clippings create a very serious problem for the Village storm sewers. When grass clippings dry after being wet they become compacted and hard, which plugs up the storm grates in the streets. In addition, the grass gets

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Mayor Acknowledgments from June 26, 2017 Council Meeting

We’re nearly half-way through 2017 and I’d like to make a few comments on the state of the Village and acknowledge the work of our Village Staff and Council Committees. I’d like to congratulate the Village Manager, Gary Copeland, on assembling the very professional and hard working staff that we now have. I’ve never seen

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There has been an increase of vehicle break-ins in the area. On 5/10/17 and 5/11/17 a total of 9 vehicles were broken into in South Lebanon, Wayne Township and Turtle Creek Township area. At least three subjects have been observed getting into unlocked cars and taking items of value. They have also entered open garage

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Waynesville joins Open Checkbook

As part of the Village’s commitment to open and transparency in government, we have joined with the State Auditor in their open checkbook program to provide you with easily accessible and understandable information on how your tax dollars are being spent.